Skills Bootcamps at UA92

Date: September 21, 2023
Categories: 19-24 | 25+ | Manchester | Salford | Trafford

Accelerate your job prospects with skills bootcamps at UA92. Skills bootcamps are free, flexible courses of up to 16 weeks. Upskill and get industry recognised qualifications with UA92’s skills bootcamps.

Ua92 offer skills bootcamps in data analytics and cloud, cyber and web development. Find out more about these bootcamps below or click the link to visit their website.

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Skills bootcamp in data analytics

The Skills Bootcamp in Data Analytics provides you with a complete understanding of data processing life cycles.

You will have the opportunity to gain an internationally recognised CompTIA qualification. This validates your ability to facilitate data- driven business decisions including mining data, manipulating data, visualizing and reporting data, applying basic statistical methods and analysing complex datasets. You will also develop an understanding of the governance and quality standards that apply throughout the entire data lifecycle.

The programme is the ideal kick starter for those with no prior tech knowledge to enter the workforce as a skilled data analyst and business intelligence analyst.

Skills bootcamp in cloud, cyber and web development

The Skills Bootcamp in Cloud, Cyber& Web Dev provides you with a comprehensive introduction and overview of cloud-based principles, networking concepts and website development.

You’ll understand how the disciplines work together as well as gain knowledge of cloud concepts, management and technical operations, cloud environments, software development, web technologies and coding languages.

You will work towards either a CompTIA or a Linux Professional Institute qualification in one of the 3 areas, validating your ability to deploy and automate secure cloud environments and implement simple web applications.

It is the ideal kick starter for anyone looking to become a cloud engineer, web developer or cyber security professional.