NowSkills Digital & IT Apprenticeships

Date: November 21, 2022
Categories: 16-18 | 19-24 | Featured

Learn more about NowSkills Digital and IT Apprenticeships

NowSkills brings together committed leading employers, motivated apprentices and our own design of digital apprenticeship programmes that enable employers to develop their digital talent.

NowSkills only delivers digital apprenticeships, enabling us to focus on, and continually develop our curriculum with digital innovation and in-demand skills.

Our apprentices are a mix of already employed professionals who are looking for substantial new digital skills, and new-to-work apprentices with a flair for technology who need an employer that can support their development and kick start their careers.

A secure job in your dream role, real qualifications & getting paid for it… what’s not to love?

Why NowSkills?

Earn while you learn
Roles requiring digital skills pay some very rewarding salaries. Whilst on your apprenticeship you will earn a salary like all other members of staff. Your employer will pay your wage when you work, attend training and take annual leave.

In-demand skills
Digital roles are evolving as ambitious employers seek to embrace technology to achieve their vision, which means that if you’re working in the digital sector, you’ll be well placed to apply for these exciting new jobs as they become available.

Official, recognised qualifications
Upon successful completion of your apprenticeship, you will receive official, accredited qualifications that are widely recognised and sought after by employers. These qualifications are yours and will remain with you throughout your career.

Variety of roles
The digital sector isn’t a limited You might be interested in data or business analysis and want to use your analytical skills to help shape an organisation. Perhaps you aspire to be an online marketing sensation, or you might see yourself as a software developer helping to build the latest international platform, or perhaps you’d prefer to use your problem-solving skills in IT network support? Whatever your skills and ability, the depth of opportunity in the digital sector, means you’ll never be short of options.

Blended learning
Employer-led and flexible, with no two apprenticeship journeys ever the same. We blend the best live online and physical classroom teaching experiences supported with the latest self-paced e-learning. Our monthly 1:1 teaching sessions are flexible, delivered live online or in person, depending on what both you and your organisation need.

Not only this, as a learner based in Greater Manchester, you will be granted access to our Manchester city-centre tech hub. Here you will be joined by fellow apprentices from different organisations and one of our expert tutors, who will deliver a tailored training course depending on the apprenticeship you have taken.