Where can you access the internet for free?

The internet is a big part of our lives. But it costs. So how can you access it for cheap - or, even better, for free?

See where to use computers for free

Manchester City Council have created an online database that helps you find local places where you can use computers for free.

You can search by keyword, your current location or any GM postcode to find your nearest free computer hotspot.

You can also search by how you want to use the computer, such as:

  • Getting help online
  • Getting help filling in a Universal Credit Form

Where to use computers for free

No fancy phone or data at home? Ask your school if Vodafone and the Greater Manchester Technology Fund can help.

The Greater Manchester Technology Fund provides schools and colleges with the technology needed in ‘at-home’ settings to continue their learning. The fund has been set up to reach and support the most vulnerable young people and their families across the region and Vodafone has committed to offer data packages to disadvantaged young people as part of the GM Tech Fund.

Does this sound like something you might need?

Get in touch with your teacher or tutor at school or college and tell them about the The Greater Manchester Technology Fund. Your school or college can then apply for assessment and, once successful, get a 'kit bundle' to distribute to students who are most in need of extra support when it comes to digital connection.

It's all part of Greater Manchester's existing commitment to provide essential digital skills to everyone.

Find out more

Freebee, busybee and MetrolinkWiFi... Manchester offers free wi-fi options to visitors (and you).

Manchester’s free wifi networks, 'freebee' on the streets, 'busybee' in council owned buildings and 'MetrolinkWiFi' on the Metrolink tram network, give you free internet access in locations across the city. You can browse the internet, access services, use social networks and search for local businesses and destinations while on the move.

'FreebeeMcr' is the on-street network - it's free for the first 30 minutes, then £3 for the rest of the day.

'BusybeeMcr' is the network in many of Manchester's public buildings, and is free all day.

'MetrolinkWiFi' is the network on the Metrolink tram system and is free and unlimited after registration.

'FreebeeMcr' and 'BusybeeMcr' networks also allow unlimited, free access to Manchester City Council, Manchester Evening News and Transport for Greater Manchester.

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