Violence isn't me...I am greater

‘Violence isn’t me … I am greater’ – a new campaign to reduce the affects of violence on 10-17 year-olds in Greater Manchester.

This anti-violence campaign was created by young people from ten youth clubs across Greater Manchester. They were asked to think about what’s important to them in life – their values and their aspirations.

The campaign shows why young people are greater than violence with the key message ‘violence isn’t me … I am greater’. Young people have shared their stories in a series of powerful videos, including individuals who have personally experienced the impact of serious violence.

Young people across Greater Manchester have shared their powerful stories of why they are greater than violence, including those who have personally experienced the impact of serious violence.

Violence comes in many forms – from carrying or using a knife – to bullying, physical fighting or online abuse. All forms of violence can have devastating consequences.

Spend some time watching the campaign videos and explore activities to do in your local area, to help you achieve your future.

Local activities

Watch Alfie’s story, to find out why he’s choosing to say ‘violence isn’t me … I am greater … I am a YouTuber.’

Watch Kadija’s story, to find out why she’s choosing to say ‘violence isn’t me … I am greater … I am an aspiring midwife.’

If you’re involved in, or affected by violence, it’s never too late to get help.

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