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Free bus travel has been secured for Care Leavers up to the age of 25, via Our Pass and the Prince’s Trust.

If you're aged 18-21, live in Greater Manchester and were previously in the care system (for example, foster care or residential care), you may qualify for free travel on buses in Greater Manchester and be able to benefit from membership of Our Pass Exclusives.

You will need to apply for a get me there photocard and pay a £10 administration fee for the card itself. This is also a smart card and it will have a travelcard loaded, giving you free travel on most Greater Manchester buses up to your 21st birthday.

get me there photocard for care leavers

The get me there photocard you can apply for is also a smart card. It will have a travelcard loaded, giving you free travel on most Greater Manchester buses up to your 21st birthday.

Successful applicants can also use their photocard number to join Our Pass online, to access discounts, special offers, free tickets and career experiences that are only available to Our Pass members.

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Vodafone has committed to offer data packages to disadvantaged young people as part of the GM Tech Fund.

The Greater Manchester Technology Fund provides schools and colleges with the technology needed in ‘at-home’ settings to continue their learning. The fund has been set up to reach and support the most vulnerable young people and their families across the region.

Does this sound like something you might need?

Get in touch with your teacher or tutor at school or college and tell them about the The Greater Manchester Technology Fund. Your school or college can then apply for assessment and, once successful, get a 'kit bundle' to distribute to students who are most in need of extra support when it comes to digital connection.

It's all part of Greater Manchester's existing commitment to provide essential digital skills to everyone.

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Virgin Media has an Essential broadband service offering reliable, affordable and hassle-free connectivity to current customers facing financial difficulty and receiving Universal Credit.

Virgin Media’s Essential broadband has a speed of 15Mbps and a fixed price of £15 per month. The plan has no fixed-term contract length and no price changes while Universal Credit payments are being received.

How to apply for Essential broadband

If you're already with Virgin Media you can apply for the plan by completing a form over at You'll get an email asking you to provide proof of their Universal Credit status by sending a picture of your online Universal Credit account.

If you're eligible for the Essential broadband plan, you'll then receive confirmation that your application has been successful before you are moved onto the plan.

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What is the Intentional Peer Support Core Qualification

At the end of the course young people will have an Intentional Peer Support Core Qualification which is recognised by charities and NHS Services. It's a good foundation for anyone want to work in mental health services.

During the Core Training participants learn to:

  • Seek ways to connect, become aware of disconnects, and work to reconnect
  • Explore how we have “come to know what we know”
  • Strive for mutuality in relationships
  • Stay curious, question assumptions, and own judgements and opinions
  • Open up new ways of listening
  • Use experience to relate and build trust
  • Name and negotiate power in relationships
  • Approach crisis as an opportunity to grow
  • Share risk and responsibility
  • Focus on the quality of relationships instead of fixing one another
  • Pay attention to the impact of clinical and labeling language
  • Understand how trauma affects lives
  • Keep the energy in relationships moving towards what we want
  • Understand peer support in the context of social change and social justice

Who is it for?

This is aimed at young people:

  • Aged 16-25
  • With lived experience of mental health difficulties
  • Who are passionate about improving services and supporting others.

What does it cost?

Training is free of charge and you will be provided with training materials.

Where is it?

The course is virtual online

When is it?

Session dates: February: 1, 3, 8, 10, 22, 24 March: 1, 3, 8 and 10

How to sign up

Email - know that you are interested as soon as possible.

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NCS (National Citizen Service)

Want to make this summer one you’ll never forget? Register for NCS today and get ready to meet a bunch of new mates, learn life lessons, skills and hacks, get your voice out there, and push yourself to new the best way possible!

The Outward Bound Trust / Serious Adventure (13-19 years)

The Outward Bound Trust is an educational charity that helps young people believe in themselves through learning and adventures in the wild.

The Outward Bound Trust / Serious Adventure (15-19 years)

The Outward Bound Trust challenges young people to change their perspective.

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