Results Day 2022: 6 Reasons an Apprenticeship was the Right Career Move for me

Date: August 24, 2022
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First Internet’s very own Olivia Goodwin gives an insight into her apprenticeship journey to becoming a Content Producer.

From the beginning of my educational journey, there was always an expectation that somebody with an academic ability would go to university, as this was considered the most beneficial route. I personally sat through countless assemblies informing me about going to university, with no mention of apprenticeships. To this day, apprenticeships don’t get the hype they truly deserve. Granted the apprentice path isn’t for everyone, but there are many perks to an apprenticeship that are often overlooked. Here are 6 reasons why an apprenticeship was the right career move for me (and why it could be for you).

1. You get paid whilst you learn!

One of the biggest pros of completing an apprenticeship for a lot of people is the fact that you can earn a salary whilst you are learning. By completing an apprenticeship, you can avoid the debt that university has to offer, and instead get paid to study. First Internet has invested in me, allowing me to earn as well as showing me the ropes within the field. This job definitely makes for a refreshing change, with most of my past jobs being part-time in the hospitality industry working around my studies. In this role I have guaranteed hours, pay and support, with my studies being a top priority, not to mention weekends off!

2. You get endless training and support

I struggled to sit through lectures and talks during my (incredibly) short time at university, so it only made sense for me to find a position where I could learn on the job. At First Internet, I am surrounded by an experienced team who are very supportive, always on hand to demonstrate tasks and answer my never-ending questions to feed my ever-growing knowledge. Within most workplaces, you will be met with constant support and mentorship if you show your eagerness to learn.

3. You can stay in the field after your apprenticeship

One of the best parts of learning on the job is the fact that you get to build a hefty portfolio within your time on the apprenticeship. Having a portfolio that shows off all your best work, as well as a qualification and contacts in the industry boosts your chance of continuing to work in the industry after you have completed your apprenticeship. These elements will also make for a very impressive CV, showing off an array of skills in a comparatively small amount of time. Not to mention, there is always the opportunity to continue to work for the company with whom you completed your apprenticeship with.

4. Staying ahead of graduates

Believe it or not, completing an apprenticeship allows you to get ahead of the game! With marketing being an ever-changing field of work, it doesn’t take long for new information to age. This means that the likelihood of the information being taught at the beginning of a marketing degree still being relevant at graduation is slim. In the office I find myself constantly learning new information and skills, as well as being encouraged to play around with software and tools (which sometimes ends in chaos) allowing me to keep up with the changes in the digital world.

5. You will get the chance to gain skills and knowledge a classroom qualification couldn’t teach you

By completing an apprenticeship, you will also get the chance to gain skills and knowledge a classroom qualification couldn’t teach you. Completing an apprenticeship with The Juice Academy has allowed me to stay motivated and take pride in my work, as I am always working towards the end goal! I am especially lucky as one of the directors over at FI, Julaine Speight, used to teach within the academy. Julaine has been incredible at prepping me for academy sessions, making sure that I am gaining experience in all the different modules of my course. Because of this I have not only worked on social content, but also SEO too!

6. Finding a workplace you love!

Trying to shorten the list of reasons why I love working at First Internet for this blog was not an easy task, but the main reason has got to be the people. Since I first stepped into the office, everyone has been so welcoming. The team is like a big family, everyone is happy to help and support each other! Working at First Internet is also not your normal 9-5 job, the hours worked are very flexible and they are happy to accommodate work from home days. I personally don’t choose to work from home often, as I find myself learning something new every time I am in the office! I am incredibly grateful to all the team, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.