Get Connected With Travel Across Greater Manchester

Date: March 15, 2022
Categories: 11-15 | 16-18 | 19-24 | 24+ | Guides
Make sure you know exactly what help you can get with travel costs in GM as a young person. Are you looking for extra help with travel around Greater Manchester? There are a few things that could help you:
  • If you’re under 16, you can sign up for the igo card
  • If you’re 16-18, you can sign up for Our Pass
  • If you’re a care leaver, you can get free bus travel until your 21st birthday (thanks to a commitment made by Our Pass and the Prince’s Trust)
Read on for more info about each of these schemes and how to access them.

Keep your travel costs down with an igo card

The igo card is how you get access to child fares on trams and buses across GM. If you’re aged 11-16, you must have an igo card to travel using any child ticket on buses in Greater Manchester. You can also use your igo card as proof of age for travelling by tram with a child ticket – you will need proof of age ID from age 11 on Metrolink, so it’s a handy option. To qualify for an igo card you must:
  • Be aged between 5 and 16
  • Be a permanent resident of, or go to school in, Greater Manchester
You can use the igo card until you turn 16. Specifically – the 31st August after your 16th birthday. It costs £10 to get an igo card. After you turn 16, you can apply for Our Pass!

Save money with Our Pass

Are you aged 16-18? Sign up for Our Pass. It gets you free bus travel across GM on the local bus network, half price selected Metrolink tickets, and discounts on various events and experiences with the exclusive rewards network.

Free bus travel for care leavers

Free bus travel in Greater Manchester has been secured for care leavers. If you’re up to the age of 21 this is through Our Pass, and if you’re aged 21-25 it’s supported by the Prince’s Trust. If you’re aged 18-21, live in Greater Manchester, and were previously in the care system (for example, foster care or residential care), you may qualify for free travel on buses in Greater Manchester and be able to benefit from membership of Our Pass Exclusives. You will need to apply for a get me there photocard and pay a £10 administration fee for the card itself. This is also a smart card and comes with a travelcard loaded which gives you free travel on most Greater Manchester buses up to your 21st birthday.