Diane Modahl consults young people about their guarantee

What do you need for a fantastic future in Greater Manchester? Olympic runner Diane Modahl is listening!

In June, Diane Modahl was asked to lead a Youth Task Force, by Andy Burnham, the Mayor of Greater Manchester. This Task Force is looking into what young people like you need so that you can have a fantastic future of your choice in spite of COVID-19 and all its disruption.

Diane is getting the opinions of young people, businesses, charities, schools and colleges. She wants to find out the best way to help and then put the most important things into a ‘Young Person’s Guarantee’ which will reflect young people’s concerns about the future and will offer an outline of support and opportunities.

Diane has also recruited 24 young people, aged between 11 and 30, from across Greater Manchester to shape and create the Young Person’s Guarantee. She met virtually with this new Youth Advisory Group on 7th August and talked about what they’d found out so far.

Young people have told them they are worried about:

  • Future job and apprenticeship opportunities
  • Businesses, schools and colleges and councils need to work together to help with work experience etc.
  • How they will catch up in school to be ready for exams and beyond
  • Poorer young people don’t seem to get the same chances which isn’t fair, for example, extra tutors or trips out
  • How they can get involved in changing people’s views on age, race and disability

What do you think could stop the next year or two being brilliant? Think about school, college, home, friends and fun things and email your thoughts taskforce@greatermanchester-ca.gov.uk.

Find out more about Diane and her mission here.

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