Back to school – are you nervous or excited?

Pupils who have been going to school throughout lockdown share their experiences and advice on how to go back to school with minimum stress.

It’s only two weeks until you go back to school and it’s normal to start feeling a bit sad that the summer holidays are nearly over. But this year most of you haven’t been into school for months, never mind six weeks.

Thinking about going back might be making you feel nervous because you don’t know what to expect or maybe you're excited to see friends again. Well, feeling lots of different emotions all at the same time is absolutely okay.

Actually, some pupils have been going to school all this time. They’ve put together these videos to show you how they've coped and how they’ve been getting used to cleaning their hands and social distancing in the classroom and at break or dinnertime.

Their main points are:

  • School is ready for you and everything will be safe
  • You’ll be told exactly what to do
  • Most people will be nervous to start with but you get used to the new rules really quickly
  • It feels so good to see friends again
  • It actually feels good to see the teachers again
  • If you do feel worried just find a teacher you trust and tell them how you’re feeling

Watch this video if you go to a secondary high school

Watch this video if you get extra help at high school

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