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Travel. Tweet. Talk. So many ways to get things moving...

We all need to get connected.

Not everyone can afford work travel costs or the latest mobile phone. But we all need to get connected... to our goals, to the places we need to be, and to the people in our lives. These tips and resources can help.

Where can you access the internet for free?

The internet is a big part of our lives. But it costs. So how can you access it for cheap - or, even better, for free?

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Get connected with travel in Greater Manchester

Make sure you know exactly what help you can get with travel costs in Greater Manchester as a young person.

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How to play it safe on the internet

Your personal privacy matters, so don't let criminals and bullies abuse your basic human rights online. These tips can help.

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Support & opportunities in Greater Manchester

The employers and organisations of Greater Manchester are making a commitment to help you get connected with your future. Click here to see what they are offering. Support and opportunities you might not have known about before are just a click away.

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Quick Questions

Here are all the ways you can get around in Greater Manchester:

  • Tram
  • Bus
  • Train
  • Local Link shared minibuses
  • Ring and Ride accessible minibus
  • Roads
  • Cycling
  • Walking
  • Park and Ride

Visit the Transport for Greater Manchester website to find out more about all these forms of travel in your local area.

Transport for Greater Manchester

Get bike riding lessons

Do you want to learn to cycle? Or do you just need a bit of reassurance for your existing cycling skills? Young people in Greater Manchester can get bike riding lessons with the Nationwide Cycling Academy.

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Get recycled bikes

Want a new bike but haven't got cash to splash? Get environmentally friendly and save money with a recycled bike!

A recycled bike is a used bike that's been professionally checked and serviced to be safe and roadworthy. Try these local suppliers:

CERA Cycloan

Stockport, SK1 3UQ

Gearing Up

Wigan, WN3 4EN

Positive Steps / Kickstart Cycle Recycle Project

Oldham, OL1 4LA

0161 621 9250

Urban Cycling Centre at the National Cycling Academy

Whitefield, M45 7QJ

Cycle to Work Schemes

If you have a job then you may be able to get a bike through a cycle to work scheme. This can mean your employer buys a bike for you to ride to work and you ‘hire’ it (often through a salary sacrifice scheme). At the end of the ‘hire’ period, you are usually offered the option to buy the bike from your employer.

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Hiring a bike

Hiring a bike can be a great way to try cycling before you decide to buy a bike. It's also a way to get into cycling by yourself or with friends, without the commitment of buying a bike.

Here's a list of bike hire organisations in Greater Manchester.

Manchester Bike Hire

Rental bikes delivered to and collected from your home.

Brompton Dock

Hire a folding bike and take it anywhere.

Velo Times

Family bike hire and repairs in the Mersey Valley.

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Callum, PR executive, MC2

After attending Pendleton College in Salford, the opportunity to earn a wage and continue learning at the same time attracted Callum to an apprenticeship.

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