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Reducing economic inequalities

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Looking to live your life the best you can? See youth-friendly resources and opportunities below. They're from organisations who have made a commitment to support the young people of Greater Manchester. With these youth commitments and opportunities offered they are taking direct action towards reducing economic inequalities.

Reducing Economic Inequalities

What's involved?

The programme begins with a two-week Factory Futures Training Academy (February/March 2021), which will introduce you to broadcast, digital and film production.

Following the Training Academy, 10 participants will be selected for an eight-week Factory Futures Traineeship (April-May 2021), which will include a bespoke five-week placement with one of 10 leading production companies and studios in Greater Manchester.

Those who complete the Training Academy will then be offered the opportunity to work on set during this summer’s Manchester International Festival (1–18 July 2021).

Who can take part?

The programme is open to anyone aged 19-24 and resident in Greater Manchester. You must have an interest in working behind the scenes in the creative industries, but you don’t need to have any experience in this area – the scheme is open to all.

We’re particularly interested in hearing from individuals from backgrounds or social groups that are currently underrepresented in the creative industries – including those from within South Asian communities (particularly Bangladeshi, Indian and Pakistani), African and Caribbean communities, and the Deaf/Disabled communities, as well as individuals from lower socioeconomic backgrounds.

All participants must be able to commit to eight weeks of full-time study.

Will I gain any qualifications?

All those who complete the Training Academy will receive a BTEC Level 1 or 2 Award in WorkSkills, while those who complete the Traineeship will receive a BTEC Level 1 Introductory Award in Digital Media.

Will I be compensated for my time?

All participants will receive bursaries to cover travel and lunch expenses.

How can I take part?

Registrations for the Factory Futures: Broadcast & Film Production training programme are open now! So if you are…

  • Aged 19–24
  • Living in Greater Manchester
  • Passionate about film/TV, music, art and/or theatre
  • Motivated to learn new skills
  • Respectful of people from all backgrounds … We want to meet you! Head here to complete your registration by Friday 12 February 2021.


We've been listening to young people in Manchester. We know you want more help to find a suitable job, apprenticeship or work placement if you are unemployed or being made redundant.

Good news: GM Housing Partners (via One Manchester) are offering at least 100 opportunities to young people in GM as part of the Kickstart Scheme.

What is the Kickstart Scheme?

The Kickstart Scheme is a 6 month paid job with a local employer, funded by the Government. It provides a fully funded opportunity for young people to gain experience of working in some of Manchester's most exciting companies.

What does this opportunity mean to you?

Jobs from the Kickstart Scheme are open to 16-24 year olds who are claiming Universal Credit, and are at risk of long term unemployment. If you have a work coach they will talk to you about the Kickstart Scheme and whether it’s right for you.

Find out more

Workplace Opportunity Week offers virtual sessions to inspire you about the different industries, roles and careers within Greater Manchester.

Check out the full programme via the link to discover career Q&As, tips for school, college and uni leavers in 20201, employers offering work in Greater Manchester... and so much more. Webinars on Manchester recycling and digital apprenticeships? You'll find them here and more besides!

Full events list

What is on offer?

A variety of short marketing courses in the form of lunchtime online masterclasses (1 hour per week for 5 weeks), including digital marketing.

Who is it for?

Anyone who is unemployed and over the age of 18 in Greater Manchester. The courses are perfect for anyone interested in a career in marketing or who want to add to their marketing skills and experience.

What areas of marketing can I learn about?

A variety of marketing courses e.g.

  • Practical digital campaign planning
  • Compelling copywriting for marketers (Beginners & Advanced)
  • Data analysis for marketers
  • Mastering Mailchimp
  • Introduction to content marketing
  • Social Media marketing
  • Search engine marketing masterclass

How do I apply?

You can apply on the Oxford Professional Education Group website. Click the course you want and fill out the short form.

Please select ‘GMACS Funding’ option in the employment status section of the course application form.


Who are Equal Education Chances?

Equal Education Chances is a charity that supports young people’s wellbeing and transitioning into adulthood through mentoring, tutoring and volunteering experiences.

How can they help?

If you are a young person, in Greater Manchester, with a disability or special educational need Equal Education Chances may be able to help.

They even host an online gathering for young people every 5pm on Saturdays. The virtual sessions create opportunities to connect, talk about burning issues, support with making decisions about the future and aspirations.

You can phone them on 0161 2119016


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NCS (National Citizen Service)

NCS is a youth programme designed for 16-17 year olds, giving you the chance to mix with a new crowd, take on new challenges, gain life skills and make a difference.

The Outward Bound Trust / Serious Adventure (13-19 years)

The Outward Bound Trust is an educational charity that helps young people believe in themselves through learning and adventures in the wild.

The Outward Bound Trust / Serious Adventure (15-19 years)

The Outward Bound Trust challenges young people to change their perspective.

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